Hi! I'm Chris. Welcome to my blog.

Professional Life

I'm a Data Platform Engineer and an aspiring data scientist from Brisbane, Australia. I've worked in startups, private enterprise and government in a variety of roles in the Professional IT industry focusing on offering awesome customer and technical support, systems administration and learning new things. I don't profess to be the master of everything but at least I'll give it a try. You can take a look at my professional skills / resume here.

I'm pretty stoked on where my career takes me. For now, I've decided to return to university studying a Master of Data Science at University of Queensland. Is it true you need a tertiary degree to get into most places? No, but it gives me a decent enough excuse to come back to Brisbane in the meantime.

Personal Life

Born in Hong Kong and migrated to Australia many eons ago, I'm third out of four boys and self-diagnosed with "Middle Child Syndrome" (or MCS for short). When compared to my academic and musical talents to my brothers, I'm nowhere to be seen. If this saying is true: "somewhere out there, there is always an Asian better than you", remember I had three other brothers who outdid me every step of the way 😃.